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Axsiom GeoEnergy invests our capital - human, technical, and financial - in projects that provide a benefits for both the developer and the project development. Our turnkey energy system solutions provide advantages and benefits that typical HVAC systems cannot.


Reduced Building Capital Costs

Green Project Marketing

  • Capital recovery: We invest our capital in HVAC solutions that add value

  • Increased project profitability

  • Predictable long term costs

  • Air conditioning at no incremental cost



  • Reliable and efficient energy systems

  • Strata fee predictability

  • Reclaimed, sustainable, local energy  that already exists within the building system.

  • 50% less energy than traditional HVAC systems

Axsiom GeoEnergy respects and values transparency with our clients; as such we ensure that every energy system solution adds value benefiting all stakeholders. We have a track record of successful and unique win/win commercial structures. We believe there is strength in fair partnerships.


Predictable Operating Costs

Control and Management Solutions

Custom Energy System Solutions

Enhanced Project Certainty 

  • Strata fee predictability

  • Reduced exposure to power and gas rate increases

  • 50% reduced Domestic Hot Water fuel loads

  • 48% reduction in on-going HVAC maintenance costs



  • Real time technologies and data that enable real-time decisions

  • An HVAC system that responds to real-time demands

  • Predictive operational planning for future energy use

  • Ability for individual suite control and billing



  • Custom solutions based on site location, hydrology, building design, and orientation

  • Designed to provide both heating and air conditioning, without the additional cost

  • System can incorporate Domestic Hot Water



  • Solutions that offer broad flexibility, to meet building codes

  • Holistic solutions that meet LEED qualifications

  • Reduced environmental footprint

  • Redundancy incorporated into the system

  • Predictable operating cost solutions that add credibility and certainty to the homeowner

We develop partnerships that work for each client and project. By partnering with our clients, we are able to deliver value in every project. Our commitment is that every project is developed in partnership with our client and we are open and flexible to a number of commercial structures. ​We can structure a deal to own and operate independently, as a joint venture to share the benefits and the risks of our projects with our clients, or in another commercial arrangement structure

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