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Capital Deployment

​We bring to the table all required resources - human, technical, and financial - to maximize the economic certainty and environmental sustainability of each project. Each solution is designed to ensure budget and schedule predictability, continuous operation, and stable operating costs. We invest in long-term, risk-mitigated projects.



Axsiom GeoEnergy deploys all of the required human capital for its projects. We utilize our in-house project management, regulatory, technology, operations, maintenance, and administration teams. By managing our resources internally we are able to provide budget certainty, schedule alignment, and predictable costs.



Axsiom GeoEnergy selects and deploys technology to fit each project. Our experience has taught us that by customizing the technology used in a development specific solution, we can maximize the energy recovery, ensure economic predictability, and provide a win-win partnership to the client, end user, and Axsiom.



Axsiom GeoEnergy deploys all of the required capital for the energy system within our clients' developments. This allows the complete recovery of the cost of the energy system. We design, engineer (using qualifid third parties), build, own, operate, and maintain energy systems to provide reduced and predictable project and operating costs. We are invested in long term partnerships that create value.

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