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LEED Certification

Innovative LEED® Certification Approach

Axsiom GeoEnergy can deliver a LEED certified building. We thrive in partnerships with developers, architects, and the other design team members. Axsiom guides the process and delivers solutions that meet budgets and timelines. It’s our promise and guarantee.


More Than a Certification:

  • Innovative design solutions

    • Stranded and underutilized energy capture

    • Wasted energy recovery

    • Balanced energy systems

    • Complete integrated energy systems

    • Innovative design

    • Customized solutions

    • Synergistic system approach 


  • Experienced professionals


  • Ask about our technology solutions:

    • Geo-exchange Hybrid solutions

    • No-drilling GHX field

    • Air exchange systems

    • Demand controlled ventilation

    • Thermal Exchange systems


Partnering with Axsiom GeoEnergy for a LEED® Building Means:

  • Building costs don’t rise – building to a LEED® standard shouldn’t cost more

  • Strategic planning for LEED® Certification points

  • Additional points for innovation


LEED Benefits

  • Any LEED® Certified building qualifies for the Axsiom utility program.

  • Partnering with Axsiom will lead to reduced capital costs and a healthier, less grid dependant, and user friendly building.


For more information on the benefits of having a LEED® Certified building please contact us at









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