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As a utility, Axsiom GeoEnergy designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains distributed heating and cooling energy systems.


Our mission is to find, recover, and then harmonize the entire building’s energy system, developing a solution which goes far beyond a single product or service. We identify, assess, and deploy technology that maximizes environmental sustainability and economic predictability. We own, operate, and maintain these facilities in perpetuity. We design innovative distribution system solutions that utilize proven equipment, with innovative control and management technology. Our solutions recycle and reuse energy within the system and provide supplementary energy loss abatement.


Axsiom GeoEnergy invests in long-term distributed energy system solutions. We monitor, control, manage, operate, and maintain our solutions. We are accountable to providing comfortable spaces, sustaining continuous operations, and ensuring predictable operating costs. With capital invested in the project, Axsiom GeoEnergy is driven to maximize operational reliability.


We provide to the project the following:

  • Initial Energy Study

  • Design

  • IFC Drawings (utililzing third party engineering services)

  • Capital

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Administration and Legal

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