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Axsiom GeoEnergy specializes in creating innovative control and management solutions for distribution systems, recycling energy within the system as a whole, and supplementary energy loss abatement.


We utilize leading-edge technology to create our innovative system energy solutions:


Control and Management Systems

  • Designed and built for individual and complete system interaction

  • Recycle, reuse, balance, and optimize systems in real time

  • Data analytics enable trend identification and predictive modeling

  • Remote access control through smartphone or tablet


Energy Balancing

  • Provide and maintain a constant building energy balance

  • Capture and repurpose energy within the building

  • Systems that learn and adapt to the energy imbalance

  • Recycle and reuse energy within the building, restoring energy balance


Demand Controlled Ventilation

  • Reduced operational energy demand through decrease of outside air volumes

  • Control systems that automatically adjust outside air volumes, based on demand: Daily schedules, motion sensors, or CO2 level sensors



Thermal Exchange Systems

  • Efficient and environmentaly friendly

  • Harnesses ground energy and transfers the heat

  • Robust systems with less maintenance

  • Ground thermal energy is steady throughout the year, providing a constant energy source


Ambient Exchange Systems

  • Move energy within the energy system

  • Identify and repurpose stranded energy

  • Use of ambient loops to link multiple buildings and facilities, enhancing the efficiency of the overal system

  • Tranfer energy between commercial spaces to the point of demand within the building


Air Exchange Systems

  • Utilize the Earth’s constant ground temperature to pre-warm or pre-cool the outside air

  • A network of tubes is burried 5 to 10 feet, at constant earth temperature levels

  • The heat exchange with the surrounding soil reduces the energy demand to condition the air to room temperature


Domestic Hot Water

  • Preheat of domestic hot water, as optional solution

  • Combined with other technologies, like Thermal Exchange Systems, reduces associated energy costs

  • Solar hot water collector can also be designed into the system



  • Complete, energy dependent systems

  • Experience in photovoltaics, back up power systems, and combined heat and power solutions

  • Identify and implement a power solution that is right for the development

  • Invest in opportunites that provide reliable, sustainable solutions, for win-win partherships

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