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Core Values


Stoni aims to be the best of the best in recovering underutilized and stranded energy resources and converting them to useful commodities.


Stoni will take the lead in developing projects, where there is a strategic reason to do so. Stoni will be the partner of choice for our clients and the investment of choice for our shareholders. Stoni will make a measurable difference in our world.




Stoni will deliver socially responsible and economically advantageous solutions to our clients, and predictable returns to our shareholders through our disciplined and entrepreneurial approach to business. Stoni will value our employees and steward our environment.


                          Core Values

​                                 L – Leadership: leading development through social responsibility 

                                 E – Environment: environmental responsibility and stewardship 

                                 A – Accountability: transparency, honesty, integrity ​

                                 F – Fairness: equity, respect, partnerships with our clients

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