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Years of  Experience

Who we are.

Stoni Consolidated Holdings is a leading real estate development company in Western Canada with over 30 years of experience developing sensible and sustainable projects. We’re recognized for our commitment to social responsibility, our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for innovation. Ultimately, we’re working very hard to create value for our community, our stakeholders and our partners.   

When it's all said and done, if you've made something that's attractive, affordable, and you've actually left a better footprint than when you got there... that's a cool thing to do.

- Graham Illingworth, CEO

What we do. 

Our skill set is unique. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve gained expertise in a variety of industries, allowing us to establish an impressive portfolio that includes the design and construction of renewable energy infrastructure, the development of innovative, clean technologies and now, the development of mixed-use, residential, commercial and industrial properties.


From transformational commercial and office spaces, to community-developments designed to create a unique living experience that stretches beyond the bricks and mortar of traditional residential projects, our priority is value creation and innovation. We are consistently utilizing our knowledge and experience to make the best use of land and space, keeping the interests of our community, our stakeholders and our partners top of mind.


Leading development through social responsibility


Environmental responsibility and stewardship


Transparency, honesty and integrity


Equal and respectful partnerships with our clients

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