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Project Development

We take a comprehensive, structured approach to project development.


Our Underutilized and Stranded Energy Recovery ("USER") study is a comprehensive opportunity assessment coupled with front end engineering design resulting in optimal solution identification. Our project management team identifies, assesses, and mitigates risks in each energy system solution.


Axsiom GeoEnergy excels at bringing together all elements of a solution into one cohesive package which meets the goals of all parties. Our team manages the synthesis of all aspects of a project to ensure that Axsiom's schedule aligns with the development schedule of our client. We manage technology, regulatory approvals, commercial terms, engineering (using third party experts), procurement, commissioning, and all other elements of a project.


Axsiom GeoEnergy understands engineering can make or break each project.  We manage the engineering of our projects through strategic partnerships with third parties to ensure reliable, quality, sustained outcomes for each project. 


Our in-house regulatory expertise ensures that all relevant approvals and regulatory permitting are received in parallel with project execution, sustaining a timely build phase.


As we have capital invested in each project, quality assurance and quality control is managed in each phase of development as part of our risk mitigation strategy.


Through commissioning and into operation, Axsiom GeoEnergy is an invested partner.

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